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Meet the Lehmkuhl's

Our story as a couple starts shortly after Valentine's Day, 2015. That's when we (Ryan & Megan Lehmkuhl) met! It was love at first sight and by May of 2015, we were engaged. By August we were married and at the time Megan had one daughter, but in April of 2016 that would change as Megan learned she was pregnant with our first child together, another daughter. It was a rough pregnancy which lead to many doctors visits and time off work for me to ensure Megan was okay. That's where our story with Ace Handyman Services begins.

About Ace Handyman


After one doctors visit to many, I returned to work the next day to learn I had been let go. I had gone to school for the handyman trade so I had two options: find a job at another company, or start my own business.  It was at this point I decided I could start my own handyman business. We launched in October of 2016 and had our daughter a few months later in December.

When we started our goal was to help people with smaller household things, but  quickly realized we could do much more for those we were working with. We expanded to full home renovations including outdoor work such as decks and fences. 

Despite the struggles that came with Covid throughout 2020 and 2021, we are now a husband and wife team that loves nothing more than to help customers, like you, fix and upgrade their home into not only the home of their dreams, but one they can be proud to live in and showcase. 


At the end of the day, we're a family owned business and we can't wait for your call so we can keep our business going for our daughters so that one day, they might take it over!

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